I am Saurang and for over 30 years I have worked with many 'bodies' in the form of movement exercises and hands-on   healing work. Through these years I have studied numerous systems near and far and have met and studied with many inspirational, down-to-earth teachers.

I remain humble and happy to admit that I will forever be a student in training. The one thing I am really sure about is that I am a very keen observer of the stories each 'body' tells in a healing session. These stories are uniquely fascinating. By respecting and allowing the intelligence of the body to guide my hands I am able to sense the textures and temperatures of various areas of the body in need of attention, whether to ease pain, release tension or improve circulation. It is always an interesting process that has many beautiful and surprising outcomes.

My vision all those years ago was to create an environment that would support my goals in preserving the original integrity of the five senses because they are that important. I know from personal experience that energy healing brightens our senses through therapeutic touch.

My Integrated Bodywork began while I was designing & teaching fitness classes for all ages - long before learning Reiki. In 1998 I began to realize that there was a need for my idea. It became popular right away and I have been doing it ever since. I've given it various names over the years, but now simply call it Kindi Bodywork. It takes 90 - 120 minutes and it is personalized to the uniqueness of 'you'.


My clients and I have come to agree that integrating separate treatments & techniques into one comprehensive session means a more effective result and often means that fewer treatment sessions are necessary.

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